Gardens in Jaen

Flowers from the Gardens of Jaen. © Michelle Chaplow
Flowers from the Gardens of Jaen.


Parque del Seminario
This park is named after the religious buildings around which it is formed. It’s the largest park in town and filled with greenery. This park is located on a hill, so prepare leisurely walks are not for the faint of heart. There are, however, numerous paths and stairways for those wishing to explore. There is also a handball court and a park for children.



Parque de la Alameda de Calvo Sotelo
This is a small, well known park inside the city of Jaen. It dates back to the renaissance era and is located across from the bullring and next to the Bernardas convent. This may not be the best place to spend time at night.

Parque Andrés de Vandelvira
This new park is known as “Bulevar”. Its meticulous landscaping is graced with the decorated images of wooden cows as well as numerous fountains, an amphitheatre and a small football field.

Parque Gran Bulevar Juan Pablo II
This park was built in honour of Pope John Paul II. It is a new, modern park with a rectangular fountain and wooden benches and seats.

Parque de la Victoria
Located in the centre of the city, this park is similar in landscaping to the Alameda de Calvo Sotelo park. There is a space for children to play as well as a small shop, and a fountain. Sometimes outdoor markets are set up in this park.

La Ciudad de los Niños
This is another park that is decorated with wooden cows, only this time the cows are accompanied by horses.
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