Gardens in Sevilla

Hibiscus thrives in Seville. © Michelle Chaplow

Hibiscus thrives in Seville.

Most of the famous beautiful gardens in Seville, such as the Reales Alcázares and Patio de Los Naranjos are found in the city itself. Click here to visit the gardens of Seville city.

In Castilleja de Guzmán, outside Seville, there is an attractive garden in the Colegio Mayor Santa María del Buen Aire which was designed by Forestier.

In Castilleja de la Cuesta you can find the beautiful 'El Carambolo' arboretum.

Enjoy the flowers of Seville. © Michelle Chaplow

Enjoy the flowers of Seville.

In Dos Hermanas there are the Alqueria del Pilar and Hacienda de la Torre de Dona Maria.

The most outstanding country house in the area is the Hacienda Benazuza at Sanlucar la Mayor, which is now a hotel with a most beautiful garden.


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