Bull Run

© Charles Edwards
The Bull Run at Gaucín - 2015

Gaucín - Bull Run

The Gaucin bull run, better known locally as the Toro de Cuerda, takes place every year on Easter Sunday. With the first bull released at around 10:30am, an early arrival is strongly encouraged to find your bearings, and more importantly, some good spots to see the run from. Parking can be found on the outskirts of the town and be careful with taking your car into the town as the streets can get very narrow.

Walking around the town, you will see a number of big, metal barriers and gates dotted around the town. These are for your protection, so make sure you are standing on the right side of them when the bull comes! 

At 10:30 in the main square, shown below, the first bull is released after the Mayor makes a speech and signs the release by setting off a firework. There are usually three bulls released over the course of the day, with the runners all wearing special t-shirts. The bulls are tethered by a long rope tied to the horns, sometimes used to anger them even more. Locals dance around the bull, teasing it, running, jumping and grabbing onto nearby windows and doors to hide themselves or escape from the bull. Once the bull has left the main square, it does a route of the town - being chased by locals and chasing after the runners. If you are scared of getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, don´t be, as you just need to follow the crowds and there are a number of security personnel dotted around the town ready to help and answer any questions. 

It is a village version of the San Fermines in Pamplona - the visitor is probably in more danger from being trampled by the running crowd than the bull itself. At 13.00 the bull is corralled into a patio where it is auctioned.