Por Andalucia

Por Andalucia

2022 Andalucia Regional Election

Por Andalucia is the name of a coalition of left wing parties formed to place unified candidates in the June 2022 regional elections.

The leading representative is Inmaculada Nieto who was the general secretary of the long standing Izcuerda Unida (IU) (United left) party.

After negotiations between the constituent parties of the United Podemos por Andalucia and Andaluces Levantaos coalitions on April 25, 2022 it was announced that both coalitions would merge to present a single list to the Andalusian next elections. A a few hours later, Juanma Moreno (PP) (Andalucia President) called election for 19 June 2022.

There were problems in the negotiations with Podemos Andalucia. A few hours before the electoral registration deadline, it was announced that Podemos would participate with Inmaculada Nieto (IULV-CA) as a lead candidate. However, the signatures of Podemos and Alianza Verde arrived at 23.57 not in time to be register with the Electoral Board. Therefor Podemos Andalucia supports the coalition externally with out having any candidates.

The parties that comprise Por Andalucia election party are:
Izquierda Unida Los Verdes-Convocatoria por Andalucía (IULV-CA) led by Toni Valero
Más País Andalucía lead by Esperanza Gómez Corona
Verdes Equo Andalucía lead by Mar González
Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz (IdPA) lead by José Antonio Jiménez
Alianza Verde Andalucía (external support only) lead by Carmen Molina
Podemos Andalucía (external support only) Martina Velarde25

Por Andalucia is defending six seats in the Andalucia parliament from the pre disolution 2018 to 2022 legislature.

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