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PA - Partido Andalucista



This is the Andalucia Nationalist Party, a centre-left social democracy party that focuses on Andalucia issues. Its early beginnings were in 1965 as a clandestine organization. In 1976 it held its first open meeting in Seville under the Andalucian flag as the Socialist Alliance of Andalucia and, after a number of name changes, its current name was adopted in 1984. Its support is stronger in the provinces of Cadiz and Seville. In the cities of Seville, Jerez and Algeciras it has had mayorships several times. It has currently 470 councilors in different town halls and can be considered the fourth party of Andalucia, along with Podemos.

The decade following 1994 was the party's strongest time. From 1996 to 2004 the PA formed a governing coalition with the PSOE and was rewarded the Consejeria de Turismo y Deporte and Consejeria Relaciones con Parlamiento held by Antonio Ortega and José Nuñez. In the 2004 Andalucia parliamentary elections the PA obtained 6.25% of the vote with five seats, although the pact with the PSOE was abandoned since the Socialist Party had won sufficient seats to govern alone again.

In the 2008 election PA formed a coalition with other parties called the Coalicion Andalucista - CA - which clearly confused the electorate as it lost all its seats to the PP. This broke up after much infighting and the PA presented again in 2012, obtaining 2.5% of the vote but no seats.

Antonio Jesus Ruiz is the national secretary general (42, Prado del Rey). A member of the Juventudes Andalucistas. Spokesperson of the PA in El Puerto de Santa Maria he obtained 17% of the vote in the municipal elections becoming Teniente de Alcalde (deputy mayor). In July 2012 at the National Congress in Sevilla he was elected Secretario General and in November 2013, after a process of primaries, candidate for the president of the Junta de Andalucia.

The party's long-term goals are the self-determination of Andalucia and the recognition of Andalucia as a nation within the Europe of the peoples. It might be called a federalist party in this respect. In the shorter term it does seem to concentrate on micro-issues of injustice or benefit to Andalucian workers.

The PA was called federalist, because it supported a model of political organization that surpassed the State of the Autonomies and that advanced towards a federal State in Spain.

In the 2015 programa electoral (manifesto) the PA have in first place "a law that benefits the self-employed worker and SME, eliminating beauracracy given that these groups represent 95% of the business structure", and a regulation which "is key to the facilitate development and access to credit".

The leader was new and the pary does not receive much media coverage. In some respects, considering the Andalucians' fierce pride in their own culture and history, it is surprising that this nationalist party has so little support especial when one makes comparisons with Catalunia and Basque Country.

2015 Election Slogan Defende Andalucia todo los días, no solo 28F
Hashtag #DefendeAndalucia

last leader - ANTONIO JESUS RUIZ


At their 17th Congress on 12 September 2015, the party dissolved.

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