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Susana Díaz   

March 2015 election result  - 35%  = 47 seats 

Susana Díaz, 40, was undoubtedly the best known of the candidates in the 2015 election, incumbent president of the Junta de Andalucia and Secretary-General of PSOE-Andalucia. Since she was appointed by Griñan as his successor (and ratified by the party), she had never fought an Andalucian election, something she saw as crucial to win to stamp her authority. Proud to be the daughter of a plumber, she was raised and still lives in the same house in Triana, Seville. Diaz was elected a Seville city councilor in 1999 and a deputy in the Andalucia Parliament in 2008. In May 2012 José Antonio Griñan appointed her Consejera de Presidencia e Igualidad (Minister of the Presidency and Equality).   

The PSOE as the incumbent party was appealing to the electorate as a stable and strong  government. Its manifesto pointed to success over the last decades and claims to be on the cusp of improvement and development. They also intend to reduce taxes in order to stimulate the consumer economy. Susana is portrayed as a hard-working ordinary person who wants equality in opportunity and does not want any Andalucian to be excluded. The announcement of her first pregnancy has not detracted from the campaign or appeared to hold her back. The national PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez has made only one election appearance prompting speculation that Susana Díaz does not want his support.

The opposition draws attention to the many statistics such as unemployment and income levels that put Andalucia at the cola (tail) of Spain and Europe and highlights the recent regional government corruption scandals - ERE, Facturas Falsas, Edu, Invercaria - currently in the courts as a need for change. Although Susana is a 'new broom' at the head of the party and states she finds corruption 'abhorrent -  like all the Andaluces' the oposition claims she has not done enough, either to remove any persons imputed (but not yet tried) from the Junta de Andalucia nor to actively cooperate with investigating judges. Mercedes Alaya has stated that the Junta de Andalucia behave like a defendant rather than a whitness.  

Without doubt the rural Andalucia is the PSOE heartland and a large part of the campaign was in the villages where almost all the election posters and flags are PSOE.

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