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Vox is the right-wing Spanish political party founded in 2013 by members of the Partido Popular PP. The party ran in 2014 European election, 2015 Andalucía Regional Election (0.5% of he popular vote), National Elections of 2015 and 2016, gaining 0.2% of the vote and no seats. Vox did not stand in the Catalan Regional Election on 2017. The party remained marginal however, came to national and international attention following the surprise success in the 2 December 2018 Andalucia regional elections lead by Francisco Serrano Castro in which they gained 12 seats with 11% of the popular vote. Their first seats in Spain.

In 2014 Santiago Abascal, a founding member was elected national  President.

Vox have labelled themselves as a right-wing and Christian democratic party. The believe in hard line with ETA terrorist organization, tough fiscal policy, reduction in immigration, anti-Islam, re-centralistion of the powers of the regional governments leading to removal of Spain's autonomous communities, negating regional identity within Spain, pro-life stance on abortion.

In July 2020, Francisco Serrano Castro stepped down in his act as regional parliamentarian and his positions in VOX, after being charged with a fraud of 2.5 million in public aid.

In the 2019 Municipal elections in Andalucia Vox obtained 103 councilors (of the 850 municipalities) with about 4% of the popular vote. 

The leader of the Vox party in the 2022 Andalucia regional elections is Macarena Aloña. There was a dispute before the election when it was revealed that Macarena was registered (padron) as living in a Salobreña address (of another party member) when she clearly did not actually live there. It is a requirement of an Andalucia regional elections that candidates be on the padron (registered) in a municipality in Andalucia.  


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