Lost Friends

Lost Friends and Family

In these days of international travel, the world often seems to be a much smaller place, while, in many senses it is much larger. Many people move from one country to another without a second’s thought and without so much as a word to friends or family who may wonder where they have moved on to. Meanwhile the people they leave behind often feel powerless to find out where exactly they are, what they are doing and how to keep in touch.

It can therefore be difficult to get such information. Here are a few ideas that may help in your search:

Via internet:

While the vast majority of people use the internet today, this is often the first place to start your search for your long lost ones, provided, that is, they have access to a computer with internet in their new environment.

  • Some people have their own internet sites or have contributed content in one form or another to the internet and simply searching for their name may locate a site that will assist you in your search for them.
  • Social Media is an obvious starting point. Simply type in their name, location and any other details you know. Don-t forget Linkedin. 
  • Websites have also proved a very successful means of helping you in your search for an absent friend or relative.

If the internet proves unsuccessful, the police will probably be of no use at all, if your contact has not been involved in crime, while personal privacy is always an issue.

There are a few other possible means of making contact:

  • On a local level, you could contact the town hall of the town(s) in which you think your lost contact is located and ask them for census data, which is available to the public and will detail the names and addresses of registered residents in the town.
  • What were your friend’s or family member’s favourite pastimes? If you are in the town in which you believe them to be located, a visit to the local football club, beach, school, club or bar, with a photo in hand, asking the local population for information, may prove instrumental in finding them. Here is a list of Clubs and Associations on the Costa del Sol.
  • Phone up local telephone and mobile phone directory enquiries, giving the full name of your lost contact. Spanish directory enquiries can be contacted on: 11818 and mobile phone directory enquiries on: 11855.

For a fee, private detectives will always help you seek your lost contact. If you know the town they are located in, this could be obviously be a fast and efficient way in which to do so. More >



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