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Music Bands

Music Bands

Modern and Contemporary music bands and singers.

Andalucia Bands

Amphetamine Discharge, the four-piece band from Sevilla, was an icon of the Sevilla alternative music movement in the 1990s. Aurora, Loco, Prima and Pituplay a mixture of punk-rock and hardcore.… More →

Formed in Sevilla the Mahandelina are a 10 piece Ska / Rock / Reggae band who sing in English. Mahandelins, a 10 piece band form Seville are focused on the Jamaican ska and regae music with… More →

Formed in Malaga in 2007 duo . Electronic indie. Paloma: MicroKorg, Microbrute, loop RC50, Guitar, bass, Vocals. Armando: Electribe SX, Korg MS20, Sampler SP555, Guitar Vocals. 2007 formed in… More →

Formed in Sevilla in 2011 four piece band. Pop Rock Indie. 2011 first EP released called ‘ 7 Months in the doghouse', 2011 First Festival performance was Arenal Sound 2011 (Castellón). 2011… More →

Andalucía is home to a multitude of singers, bands and dancers, and has drawn others from across the world for many years. Everywhere you go, the region is full of artistic expression and a… More →

Luis Gotor is the singer, guitarist and songwriter of malagueño pop-rock band Gaula, which he formed with Jesus Muñoz (backing vocals and guitar) in summer 2007. Drummer Alejandro Alonso ‘Chicho’… More →

We spoke to Nita, the singer of Fuel Fandango, alongside guitarist Ale, to find out the story behind the Cordoban duo's new album, Trece Lunas, and how it differs from their previous music; and… More →

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