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Formed in Sevilla the Mahandelina are a 10 piece Ska / Rock / Reggae band who sing in English.

Mahandelins, a 10 piece band form Seville are focused on the Jamaican ska and regae music with influences of classic rock and just a little punk. This is a difficult combination with risk of alienating purists in all three genre. They play and energetic live show and perhaps more suited to lager festivals than small clubs. Good energy flowing over the stage, like any 10 piece band. They play mostly original songs which are melodic enough to enjoy on first listen. English lyrics are handled well by lead vocals Mario Garcia who give positive and assertive message.

As a live band they are in their element. They deliver a sound that builds up during a set to full venue dancing and fun. Perhaps they could be a little tighter in delivery and the backing vocal female duo raised in volume. Isa has potential for a second lead vocal.


Classic Songs

Let the River Flow, Helicopters in the Jungle, I'm feeling Alright, We need to be free, from the Southern Cream album.


In concert ofter throw in mid performance covers of Ska classics such as "Message to you Rudy" a 1967 rocksteady song by Dandy Livingstone. The Specials' cover reached number 10 in the UK Singles Chart in 1979.

Band Members


Antonio Chope - Bass
Mario Garcia - Vocals

Ain Romero - Guitar

Davide Gagliano - Guitar
Isa García - Backing vocals
Marga Morilla - Backing vocals
Alex Moreno - Drums
Miguel Mateos - Trombone
Javi Fernandez - Trumpet
Manu Rodriguez - Sax


One Album - Southern Cream 2015



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