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Amphetamine Discharge

Amphetamine Discharge

Amphetamine Discharge, the four-piece band from Sevilla, was an icon of the Sevilla alternative music movement in the 1990s. Aurora, Loco, Prima and Pituplay a mixture of punk-rock and hardcore.

Their songs are powerful, imaginative and loud. Drums (Pitu) and two guitars (Loco and Prima) supportvocalist Aurora, whose voice is strong enough to dominate such a heavy sound.

Amphetamine Dischargefirst appeared on the Seville music scene in 1991 and stood out straight away, winning Disco Grande RNE3 in 1993, which brought them to wider audience.  They played in clubs and at festivals and have supported Oasis, The Cure and Elastica, touring the US.

Their first album Rotaflexcame out in 1994, and the second Parkingwas recorded In New Yorktwo years later, produced by the legendary Andy Shernoffof The Dictators. We come to smash this time, featuring cover versions of their favourite tracks including Summer in the City and Denis, was released in 1998.

Their fourth albumwas I Just Wanna Kiss - the eponymous title track was chosen for an advert for the soft drink Kas,so that the band is best known for 'I just wannaKas'.  

Unlike other contemporary groups, Amphetamine Dischargedid not change with the times;they say they make noise to have fun.However they did reach a high plateau and almost retire.

Then, aroundChristmas 2016,the band returned to Factoría Dalton studio in Cádiz, to record a new LP,Raise Your Addiction.They worked withJosemaGomez, who owns the studio with his two brothers, otherwise known as the band Hermanos Dalton, which emerged in the same era, and local El Puerto rock groupFuria Trinidad.

In 2017 the band started playing clubs again and no doubt will be popular on the summer festival circuit.

Joaquin Díaz Fernández: Guitar 
Aurora López Moreno: Vocals (and guitar) 
Jose Antonio López Moreno: Bass, vocals 
Matthew Young: Guitar
Tatu Martin: Drums

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