Fish and Chips

© iStock photo Delicious fish and chips on the Costa del Sol!
Delicious fish and chips on the Costa del Sol!


Even though Andalucia has a vast and rich gastronomic offering, some times living in Andalucia, or coming here on holiday, expats and visitors crave the home comforts such as ye olde fish’n’chips.

The coastal areas of southern Spain, in particular the Costa del Sol, has numerous establishments offering everything from cod and chips, haddock and chips, scampi and chips, and fish cakes, to burgers, saveloys, roast chicken, mushy peas, beans, pies, gravy, sliced bread and butter, even pickled onions.

The prices tend to be very reasonable. Most fish and chip shops here in Spain offer an eat-in restaurant service, and many offer a take-away service too. So if you fancy taking your fish lots to the beach, no problem at all.

There are fish’n’chip shops, or "chippies" as they are affectionately known, in Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Puerto de la Duquesa, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona and Gibraltar, to name a few.

The meal itself consists of crispy battered deep-fried fish, served with fried potatoes which the British call “chips” and the Americans call “(French) fries” – the British type are usually chunkier and less crisp. Salt and vinegar are traditionally sprinkled over the chips when they’re served. Side dishes of mushy peas, salad and pickled onions can accompany the meal.

Many of the fish and chip venues cater for families with children, offering smaller of mini portions on their kids’ menus.

So next time you just fancy fish and chips for lunch or supper, look no further: there’s a chippie near you!

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