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Malaga Theatres



Fans of musical performances should not miss a night in Teatro Cervantes where you can enjoy a variety of dance and stage shows. Here you will some of the best flamenco in the city twice a week, live music performances in jazz, classical and traditional styles together with popular imitation shows such as Queen and Abba.
Address: Calle Ramon Marin s/n, 
Tel: 952 224109   More>


Established as a cinema in the mid-twentieth century, Teatro Echegaray underwent a stylish and modern refurbishment in 2013 and re-positioned itself as a live performance theatre. Kitted out with the latest technologies, it is a god-send for live music, dance and children's entertainment.
Calle Echegaray
Tel: 952 22 41 09


Soho Theatre or 'El teatro del Soho', used to be known as Alameda Theatre in the centre of Malaga city. It is located in a city centre district known as 'Ensanche Heredia', which has more recently become known as the Soho Art District.

As Teatro Alameda it opened its doors on 22nd december 1961 with an Opera gala. Since then its programme has included all types of shows; comedy, drama, ballet, jazz. It was also the centre of city cultural events such as Festival de Teatro, Carnaval de Málaga, Festival de Málaga de Cine Español. The Theatre closed on 31 de mayo de 2018.

On the 29the September 2017, the actor Antonio Banderas announced the acquirement of space to for the development of his theatrical project, with an initial investment of 2m€. In January 2019 Lluís Pasqual was appointed director although he resigned after a year. The theatre reopened on 15 November 2019 as Teatro del Soho, with a musical production of A Chorus Line which ran until mid March 2020 when the theatre was forced to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Soho Theatre has 896 seats in the main auditorium and also has a restaurant and a bar. ​

On the 1 July 2020 it was announced that the Soho Theatre would be the location for the 35th edition of the Premios Goya on 27-02-2021 and would be presented by Antonio Banderas and María Casado.

Location: Calle Córdoba 13, 29001 Málaga
Tel: 952 42 91 73
Email: [email protected]


Calle Santiago, 8, 29015 Málaga (You will find the Roman Theatre at the foot of the Alcazaba.)
The Roman Theatre opened as a performing arena on the 15th of September 2011 following a huge restoration project. It is now open for performances in the summer only, as it is an open air theatre.
Seats: 220