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Mobile & Park Homes

With the rise in property prices in southern Spain over recent years, owning that home in Spain might remain for many just that – a pipe dream. There are alternatives to buying bricks and mortar though, one of which is investing in mobile or park homes.

For a much smaller investment, you can achieve your dream of owning a home in Andalucia by buying either a mobile or park home sited on an existing residential park. Although holiday home parks have existed for a number of years along the coast, residential parks are now opening up further inland where the emphasis is on quality of life for the residents, undisturbed by the holiday market. Within a realistic budget, you can explore ‘real’ Andalucia and discover the charm of Spanish rural life. There are a number of manufacturers of mobile homes in Spain but it is also possible to buy a home made in the UK with the export of the home to Spain included in the price. You own your home outright and the land on which your home is sited is leased from the site owner. A further advantage in buying a mobile home on a residential park is that you will enjoy the security of belonging to a community.