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Commercial Property

The purchase of commercial property in Andalucia, Southern Spain has long been a dream for many. For thirty years or more, people from all over the world have been buying commercial property to set up business on the coast of Andalucia and, to a lesser extent, inland. The Costa del Sol is one of the easiest Mediterranean holiday resort areas for buying and running a business of your own, which has enabled thousands of foreign nationals to successfully to begin trading here. The prevalence of spoken English by many in the business community and service industries on the Costa del Sol also makes the process much easier for foreign owned businesses.

Real estate agents, along with agents specialising in the sale of commercial property throughout Andalucía, can help you locate the perfect "local", as your place of businesses will be referred to in Spanish. You will likely to be offered both commercial properties for sale and those available to rent.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and holiday rental apartments are among the most common businesses for sale on the Coast, and while such enterprises meet with a thriving tourist market, competition also requires originality and quality in order to be truly successful. Ask anyone who has decided not to make the sun wait any longer: making a professional transition to Spain is worth whatever effort it requires.

Below you will find links to real estate agents offering professional expertise and a range of commercial properties to choose from.