Wooden Homes in Spain

Wooden Homes

The main advantages in favour of a solid wooden house are:

  • to live in a natural and unique house
  • to benefit from a healthy and ecological life in a natural environment
  • to purchase a longlasting real property for the following generations
  • to create an elegant home, full of originality
  • to have a personalized concept of home, with variable estimate

Integration in Nature

Solid wood offers many building possibilities. A solid wooden house perfectly fits as much in a urban area as in the countryside.

The investment in a solid wooden house creates patrimony for the future of your children and grandchildren, because of the increasing demand of this type of houses and the political effort of nations regarding the environment

Wooden houses are manufactured respecting the environment, not harming nature. When the forests grow, the carbon dioxide from the air kept in the wood of the trees helps to low the greenhouse effect and to slow down the global warming.

The planning of your house starts with the location, situation, form, land and landscape. The best and most important idea is to establish a working plan, which will contain all the details of the process and its timing.