Third Age Communities

Third Age Communities

Life begins again, in Andalucía for throngs of young-at-heart Europeans from the north who seek a sunny retirement. Warm summers and mild winters don't disappoint them as they lunch on a sunny terrace in January and golf year round, escaping to the beaches in summer to cool off with the natives.

Joining these ranks might mean you will leave behind the support system of family and friends that you have built up over the course of a lifetime. Your worries are none in Andalucía though, as a burgeoning property market is now expanding competently into the retirement sector, providing facilities and services that ensure independent living throughout your retirement.

The Costa del Sol is a good example. In virtually every major city a concentrated effort is being made to expand the number and quality of exclusive retirement communities in a variety of price ranges. Not only are homes designed to be comfortable and convenient for ageing residents, but a wide range of services are built into the package.

Following modern trends in retirement communities, complementary services are offered on a flexible basis, allowing residents to adapt their consumption to special needs as they arise. Therefore, cleaning services and delivered meals can be a permanent part of your life, or they can be ordered to make life easier when you have guests or need extra help after a surgery, for example. Many communities also offer on site health centres, fully staffed with professionals able to handle routine medical needs and invalid care.

The main benefit of investing in a community specifically designed for the third age population is the possibility to live independently in the geographic area of your choice.