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Festivals - Alcalá la Real

Festivals - Alcalá la Real

Traditional Festivals in Alcal la Real include Candelaria, Carnical, Holy Week and Summer Feria.

Cabalgata Reyes Magos
The Three Kings procession is celebrated on the evening of 5th January.

La Candeleria
La Candelaria is celebrated the 2nd February.

Semana Santa
Holy Week processions, dates can vary.

Foodtruck Festival
Foodtruck Festival is a music and food festival celebrated the 29-31st March.

Fiestas de Mayo
Fiestas de Mayo refer to the smaller festivities celebrated throughout May by the surrounding hamlets and villages that depend on Alcalá la Real.

Fiesta de la Cruz
Fiesta de la Cruz is celebrated the 1st May.

Fiestas de San Isidro
Fiestas de San Isidro are celebrated the 12-15th May. Locals enjoy a picnic in the surrounding countryside.

Feria de San Antonio
Feria de San Antonio is celebrated the 9-12th June.

Fiestas de San Juan
Fiestas de San Juan are celebrated the evening of the 24th June with bonfires and fireworks.

Fiesta Medieval
Fiesta Medieval is a medieval festival celebrated the 2-4th August.

Festividad de la Virgin de la Mercedes
Festividad de la Virgin de la Mercedes hosts a dazzling procession with more than 12,000 lit candles on the 15th August.

Real Feria de San Mateo
Real Feria de San Mateo is celebrated the 19-23rd September.

Festividad de Santo Domingo de Silos
Festividad de Santo Domingo de Silos is celebrated the 20th December.


kEtnosur, Alcala la Real, Jaen 
Showcase for ethnic and alternative music in this Jaen town. This free festival, supported by the local Town Hall and Jaen provincial government, has been held annually since 1997. Originally known as "Ethnic Festival Encuentros del Sur", now simply Etnosur. As well as the concerts, you can see craft exhibitions, workshops, exhibitions, films, lectures, documentaries and competitions - the festival takes over the town. There were 40,000 visitors at its peak in 2006. Dates in 2019 were 19th, 20th and 21st July 2019. Not held in 2020. Dates in 2021 were 15th, 16th and 17th July 2021.


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