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Cueva del Tajo de las Figuras

CanalSur television report about Cueva del Tajo de las Figuras

Cueva del Tajo de las Figuras

Cueva del Tajo de las Figuras (Cave on the Figures on the Precipice) is located near Benalup-Casas Viejas and is known for the important cave paintings found inside.

The cave was ‘discovered' on 17th April 2013 by Juan Cabré and Eduardo Hernández-Pacheco, they reported in detail on a large number of cave paintings, mainly representations of birds, quadrupeds and anthropomorphs. Most of these figures date back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic (early Bronze Age). There are figures of birds that look like birds now extinct such as the Ibis Eremita.

In 1924 the Cueva del Tajo de las Figuras was declared a National Artistic & Architectural Monument.

During many years there was a practice to wet the cave walls to better show visitors the imagines. This has resulted in a thin calcite deposited on the paintings.

In 2005 restoration work was carried out on many of the works. This was mainly limited to cleaning. A permanent set of steel steps lead up the entrance on the rock face. 

The cave is located about 400m uphill from km 8 on the A-2226 road that links Benalup with the A-381 (Los Barios to Jerez) overlooking the ‘embalse del Celemín' (Celemin Resevoir). GPS 36.3168, -5.7344



Since 2008 the cave has been closed to the public. It is now locked and not possible to visit the interior of the cave without special permission. It may be posible to obtain a visit from ofices of Junta de Andalucia, Consejeria Medio Ambiente, Delegacion de Cadiz. 

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