Benamaurel Excursions

Benamaurel Excursions

There are many ways of exploring the exceptionally beautiful countryside around Benamaurel - on foot, bicycle or by car. Far from the maddening crowd and busy roads, in this area you have the opportunity to walk or cycle along country tracks or drive through quiet, unspoiled countryside, taking in the natural simplicity of nature in all its glory.

There are a series of routes you can take between Benamaurel and the surrounding area. The most typical choice is to follow the trail of the many farmhouses, olive oil mills and ancient water irrigation systems left over from Muslim times. You will find yourself lost in a world of contrasts between hostile mountains with indigenous wild growing grasses and capers and lush valleys of fragrant almond and olive groves. You will inevitably come across some of the famous cave dwellings in the area, some of which are now modernised and make very nice rural hideaways.



Excursion routes

Ruta de Las Cuevas del Negro
Go on foot, bicycle or car on the road that goes towards Cortes and going towards the Negratín Lake, there are stunning views with the Jabalcón as the backdrop. You see mills and farmhouses (the Molino (mill) of la Huerta de Morate is still in use.

Ruta de Los Molinos

Start out on foot or bicycle on a track to the right of the bridge over the river Guardal. It is interesting to see the ancient irrigation systems from Arabic times, which are still in use to this day.

You will see the Molino de Los Camacho (Comacho Mill) and from this point cross the irrigation channel. Then you will see the old woollen factory. Keep going and you will see the beautiful natural collection of Almohade caves, of the Hafas. On the eastern side of this collection of caves, you can see the famous ancient dovecote, as well as many other archaeological remains.

Ruta de El Rasmal

Start out from the San Marcos quarter of Benamaurel and go towards the forest house and then on to la Toabaita right in the heart of the valley, with its pretty orchard avenues of trees. Once again you have sight of the same abovementioned Almohade caves. Continuing along the forest track and you come to the legendary Cueva de las Fantasmas (the haunted cave) and the Totaina farmhouse.

Ruta de Las Cuevas de Luna

You can take this easy route to the Negratin lake by foot, bicycle or car. Coming out of the village go in the direction of Baza. After passing by the dry fruit factory you will see the Cueva del Duende (Cave of the spirit). Then you will see the abandoned Toleanos Mill. Once at the Cuevas de Luna area, take a right fork to the valley. Cross an iron bridge onto the tarmac road and then go left. It is worth timing this route to end around sunset, since the landscape is really beautiful at that time of day.

Tourist office

For more information on these and other recommended routes and excursions, contact the Tourist office in the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall):

Plaza Mayor, 1,
Tel: 958 733 011