Festivals in Benamaurel

Festivals in Benamaurel

Like most of rural Andalusian, traditional fiestas and religious festivals are very much a part of village life.

April is a particularly festive month, with the "Fiestas de San León" taking place on the 11 th April. This saint died on this date in Rome in the year 461, after having been Pope for 21 years. Specially baked cakes are blessed and shared amongst all who attend the celebrations, in memory of the saint whose aim was to unite the spiritual with the material world.


The last week in April sees a very popular and fun "Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos" (Festival of the Moors and Christians). The celebrations take the form of live street theatre, involving the people of the village, as well as actors from all over Andalucia. In Benamaurel it is timed to honour the patron saint, Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza. The celebrations include the traditional floral offering, local pilgrimage and processions through the village with the image of the Virgin Patron Saint. The finale to the festivities is a union of cultures between the Moors and Christians.

Another important religious festival is during "Semana Santa" (Easter Holy Week) when there are a series of religious processions, with preparations going on all through the year and many villagers taking part as members of the Church Brotherhood.


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