Jabugo - Casino

The Casino of Jabugo -social club. (Click to enlarge images). ©Michelle Chaplow
The Casino of Jabugo - social club. (Click to enlarge images). © Michelle Chaplow

Jabugo - Casino

The Casino of Jabugo more correctly known as "Asociación Cultural Recreativa 'Casino Central' de Jabugo", is located in the Plaza de Jamon.

Sign on the Casino door ©Michelle Chaplow
Sign on the Casino door:
Residents who aren't members
are not allowed entry.
Non-residents are allowed entry.

The word casino in this context has nothing to do with gambling; instead, it is a social club.

At the Casino de Jabugo, with its Andalucian classic white-and-ochre façade, the drinks are extremely well-priced.

The décor is traditional with some quirky touches: well-kept plants in the tiled internal patio, old hatstands, lamps, artwork with elements of ham, guitars, seafood, and bullfighting from Huelva province

It's a great space with high, decorated ceilings and front-line views to the square, the church and the town hall

The casino association was founded in 1933 - in 1930 there were four casinos in Jabugo; two of these joined to become the Casino. The building was constructed specifically for used as a casino.

Members go to the casino to watch sporting events, such as football matches, and bullfights. In the summer there are chess and dominoes tournaments.