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Santiago de Calatrava Festivals

Santiago de Calatrava Festivals

by Saskia Mier


Cabalgata Reyes Magos
The Three Kings procession is celebrated on the evening of 5th January.

Día de San Sebastián
Día de San Sebastián is celebrated the 20thJanuary.

Día de la Candelaria
Día de la Candelaria is celebrated the 2nd February.

Carnival is celebrated in February.

Día de Andalucía
Día de Andalucía is celebrated on the 28th February.

Día de San Benito
Día de San Benito is celebrated the 21stMarch.

Semana Santa
Holy Week processions, dates can vary.

Romería de San Isidro
Romería de San Isidrois celebrated the second Saturday of May.

Feria y Fiestas Patronales
Feria y Fiestas Patronales are celebrated from the 25thJuly.

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