Vélez-Málaga - Castle

The Moorish castle is the landmark of Velez-Malaga © Michelle Chaplow
The Moorish castle is the landmark of Velez-Malaga

Velez Malaga - Castle

The Moorish castle is the landmark of Velez-Malaga and worth visiting especially for the view and orientation.

Access can be by car, there is ample parking inside the grounds. You can visit by the footpath from Calle Forteleza Alta which rises through woods behind the Iglesia de Santa Maria.

If arriving by car, the car park is actually within the castle walls. You will see how outer walls are being slowly restored and rebuilt from the foundations. Public access is permitted in newly restored wall sections.

Walk up the zig zag path to the Torre de Homenaje (Homage Tower or Keep). It seems smaller when standing at the base than it first looked from a distance. You will notice it is in very good condition for a Moorish tower.

The main tower was completely reconstructed in 1970, when only a small part of the west wall remained. It had been popularly known as the ‘El Deo'. The tower today is 18m tall and 6.5m square base. This is larger than the original and in four storeys. It is kept locked and only open for special events.

Adjacent to the main tower is a L shaped entrance area with no roof. Of note are the two reconstructed Moorish horseshoe arches.

From the homage tower heading in a south west direction is a section of remaining curtain wall and a small tower. It is constructed from mud and features several rows of supporting bricks.

The original outer castle walls to the south east are being excavated and reconstructed.

The area is generally well kept and many different trees and plants in the vicinity add to the atmosphere.