A brief guide to some of the common trees found in Andalucia: alder, ash tree, avocado tree, carob tree, cork oak, elm, enebro, evergreen oak, fig tree, gall oak, juniper, jacaranda, lemon, maple, orange, polar, pinsapo, wild olive, willow and more.

Driving through Andalucìa, it is easy to see that the most abundant crop throughout the Andalucìa and, in particular, Jaèn is the olive. In certain areas, tidy line after line of olive trees stretch for as far as the eye can see. In Jaèn more than 4.500 square kilometres is devoted to olive groves containing around 40 million olive trees.

Nearly a fifth of Andalucia is protected, the largest proportion of an autonomous region in Spain, reflecting the unspoilt nature of its countryside and the high ecological importance of its territory. The environment department, the Consejería de Medio Ambiente, of the regional Andalucian government is in charge of overseeing the protected areas.

Andalucia has a number of Marine Centres that are ideal for family entertainment and education. Most are open from May to September. There are also a number of small quieter Marine Science Centres that are also open to the public as an educational and environmental projects.

Andalucia has an amazingly wide variety of scenery - from Europe's second-highest mountain range, to the continent's only desert, tidal marshes recognised as a biosphere by UNESCO, ancient oak forests, and of course hundreds of km of stunning coastline, from smooth, flat arcs of golden sand to lofty, dramatic cliffs.

Andalucia is the perfect place for renewable energy, with its miles of coastline where wind turbines can harness the sea breezes, and its endless hours of sunshine, which can be absorbed by solar panels and turned into energy. In fact, one of Europe´s largest solar farms is in Andalucia, in Sanlucar la Mayor, near Seville.

The Mediterranean garden is a subject of great interest to more and more people - not only avid gardeners looking for ideas for their own gardens but also tourists who find being surrounded by the peace and tranquillity of the well maintained garden enjoyable in its own right.