20th Anniversary event - Casares

20th Anniversary event updates   

Andalucia.com, the most highly visited and longest established website about southern Spain, celebrated its 20th anniversary on 17th April 2016. The anniversary was marked by a 'Treasure Hunt' in Estepona and Casares.  


Here is a treasure hunt in the the white village of Casares that was created to celebrate the 20th Aniversary of Andalucia.com

All answers can be found in the street except those with a *

Start in the main square Plaza de España.

Question 1 What is the date of the Carlos III fountain?

Question 2 Who said "Andalucia por si para España y la humanidad"?

Question 3 Who is the patron of Casares?

Walk up Calle Villa.

Question 4 How many cannon balls on the doors of the Town Hall?

Question 5 How many decorative tiles on the door frame of house number 50?

Pass under the arch.

Question 6 When was the old ‘Museo de Etnohistoria' inaugurated?

Question 7 What is the new name of the current occupant of the old ‘Museo de Etnohistoria'?

Task 8 Ask for a ‘Trisquel' in the souvenir shop and give it to a team member to wear.

Question 9 What is the opening times of the Centro Cultural Blas Infante on a Sunday?

Question 10 Iglesia de la Encarncaion was in ruins since which decade?

Question 11 Who were the two architects that renovated the ‘Centro Cultural Blas Infante' which was inaugurated on 3rd July 2010?

Question 12 What birds fly over the ‘Tajo' and the castle? Name three. (3 points)

Question 13 What is the cost of a new niche in the cemetery de Casares? (2 points)

Question 14 What year was the Ermita de Vera Cruz constructed?

Task 15 Take a photo of the team with two girls in flamenco dress in the hexagonal opening of the castle wall on your phone and email a copy (for 1 point) to [email protected]m and post the same photo on twitter or Instagram
with hashtag #20andaluciacom

Return to the main square via Calle Arrabal, after you pass through the Calle Arrabal Arch look up.

*Question 16 What might have been dropped on you if you were an unwelcome visitor to Casares at Arco Arrabal in medieval times?

Keep going down.

Question 17 How many carnations are in each basket? (2 points)

Now you are back to Plaza de España.


Download a PDF Question sheet  y en Español