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Isla Cristina Beaches - Playa de la Casita Azul


Playa de la Casita Azul is an isolated beach stretching 2.8km long surrounded by dunes and pine trees and is named after the little blue house located on the beach. This used to be a forest house where for many years its inhabitants took care of the surroundings, specifically the island's pine forests. The building has been renovated as a Nature Interpretation Centre, a space for environmental and tourism promotion. A project called Playa Casita Azul has modernized the facilities with a large photo-mosaic of the landscapes of the municipality, using a chameleon to guide you through the different information panels which are presented by islanders from various places representing the municipality; such as merchants, volunteers and athletes.

During the summer season there is a fixed Civil Protection post with a lookout feature for bathers and boats that need help. The municipal police also patrol the area frequently.

Facilities include a beach bar behind the dunes, picnic tables, children's play areas, showers and public toilets. Parking is available.