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Isla Cristina Beaches - Playa El Cantil


El Cantil beach does not overlook the ocean, but the Carreras estuary, meaning there are almost no waves apart from small ones created by the ships entering the port.

The beach measuring just 300 metres is situated near the Isla Cristina marina and lighthouse, with views across to the salt marshes of Isla Cristina Natural Area and to Punta del Moral.

The nearby rocks are home to many small crabs, which provide great fun for children. Any type of fishing, however, is prohibited, including the crabs due to the beach being part of a protected area. Part of the beach is suitable for swimming, while part of the beach, due to the berthing of boats, is restricted. Both zones are appropriately marked.

There are no beach services such as showers or hammocks or beachside cafes, however, there are some eateries and cafes in the neighbourhood and marina, especially in the Cantil area, around the lighthouse building. There is also a diving centre and in the nearby marina there is a Jet Ski shop.

The calm, warmer waters make it great for families. It can only be reached on foot via the promenade, which has several bars and cafes nearby. If you are looking for a truly special experience, head to the beach to watch the sunset. It is a special experience during much of the year; as the sun sets and is reflected in the estuary it fills the sky with a reddish tone.