Mazagón Beaches

Mazagón is a town in the municipality of Palos de la Frontera. This long beach spans 5.5 kilometres next to the town of Mazagon and borders Doñana natural park.

Playa de Mazagón

The most urban part of the beach to the west of the town and closest to the marina has all facilities including: showers, beaches, lifeguards, parking, parasols and sunbeds for hire, beach cafés and parking. Mazagón Beach is very popular with Spanish holiday-makers and families with children due to its calm waters.

Playa de las Dunas

If you move away westwards from the town, the same beach becomes Playa de las Dunas, a quieter beach backed by landscaped villas. From here you close enough to still access all of the facilities available at Playa Mazagón.

Playa de Alcor

If you move even further westwards towards the Parador Hotel, the beach becomes a rural country beach backed by pine woods and sand dunes. There are no facilities here, so take plenty of water with you if you're planning a long walk here.

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