Granada City - Calle de la Calderería

Calderería Nueva is a street full of shops and tea rooms. © Sophie Carefull
Calderería Nueva is a street full of shops and tea rooms.

Calle de la Calderería Nueva

by Lawrence Bohme

The full name of this busy little street is the Calle de la Calderería Nueva, the Street of the New Cauldron Factory. It is sometimes called "Little Morocco", also, for its Moorish tea houses and crafts stores. The church at the top is the Iglesia de San Gregorio.



Here we see the same church, but from above, on the Cuesta de San Gregorio. The wall on the right is overflowing with ripe pomegranates, and the Cathedral can be seen in the background.

Just up the hill from San Gregorio, at the end of a winding alley, is La Casa de Porras, a16th century palace built by a family of that name. It is now a cultural center, well known in Granada for its art shows and dance courses.

Above it, on the right, is the Carmen de los Cipreses, a 19th century villa which was once the meeting place of Granada's poets and artists. The view of the Alhambra under the full moon must have inspired Lorca and his friend Manuel de Falla when they created El Amor Brujo.