Jaen City - Fiestas and festivities

Fiestas in Jaén © Michelle Chaplow
Traditional Fans


The people of Jaen make every typically Andalusian festival unique to Jaén, thanks to their own variations on the traditions.

Día de San Antón

Día de San Antón is celebrated the 17th January.

This day is celebrated with food and dance. In the evening a race is held with participants carrying lit torches around the course and over the finish line; Carrera Urbana Internacional “Noche de San Antón”. The night before, over 30 bonfires are lit all over the city.


Carnival is celebrated in February with great enthusiasm in Jaén. Read more about the Jaen Carnival.



Semana Santa

Holy Week traditions in Jaen are worth experiencing. Learn more about Holy Week in Jaen.


ExpoOliva is a bi-annual International Olive Oil and Allied Industries Fair celebrated in May.

This amazing opportunity to get to know just about everything there is about olive oil production both in Jaén and around the world. It is held in the Jaen city and at other locations throughout the province every other year.

Cruces de Mayo

Cruces de Mayo is celebrated in May and is the month of flowers.

Small altars are erected in the most emblematic corners of the city, crowned by colorful crosses beautifully decorated with flowers.

Romería del Cristo del Arroz

Romería del Cristo del Arroz is celebrated the second Sunday of May.

The pilgrimage travels to the area of Fuente de la Peña, on the outskirts of the city. Families come together and prepare a traditional rice dish with broth, hence, the Cristo de Charcales is commonly known as “Cristo del Arroz”. Arroz meaning ‘rice’.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is celebrated in June.

A solemn Eucharistic procession takes place from Jaén Cathedral. The Blessed Sacrament is carried in a silver carriage, exhibited in a majestic monumental monstrance, a replica of the one made in the sixteenth century by the silversmith, Juan Ruiz “El Vandalino”.

Feria y Fiestas en Honor a la Virgen de la Capilla

Feria y Fiestas en Honor a la Virgen de la Capilla is celebrated the 11th June.

Locals dress in their traditional costumes to bring a floral offering to the Basilica de San Ildefonso, where the image of the Virgen de la Capilla is kept. This is a June festival for the city’s “co”-patron saint, with a very special attraction: the Lagarto Rock Contest. This contest is organized by the Jaen Town Hall to offer young music artists the chance to perform and earn their first album recording – if they win.

Verbena de San Juan

Verbena de San Juan is celebrated the evening of 24th June.

The summer solstice, the shortest night of the year, has a huge tradition in popular celebrations. The celebration is held in the Plaza de Rosales, with the installed bars serving typical tapas from noon until night fall. Sports activities are also scheduled, such as football championships, and children’s activities. In the evening there are  flamenco performances.

Fiesta de la Divina Pastora

Fiesta de la Divina Pastora is celebrated the first Sunday of September in the San Ildefonso neighbourhood. A parade, religious festival and procession take place organized by a Brotherhood of Shepherds created in the sixteenth century.

Romería de la Virgen Blanca

Romería de la Virgen Blanca is celebrated the third Sunday of September.

A popular pilgrimage to the hermitage of La Imora, on the outskirts of the city.

Feria de San Lucas

Feria de San Lucas is celebrated the 18th October.

A traditional agricultural and animal fair that is classified as the main fair of Jaén. Occurring so late in the year, it often gets rained on, but that does not dampen local enthusiasm. Bullfights and sporting events take place.

Día de Santa Catalina

Día de Santa Catalina is celebrated on the 25th November.

Santa Catalina being the Patron Saint of the city means on this special day there is a celebration in which the locals head for the slopes under the Santa Catalina Castle where they have barbecues with chorizo and sardines. Many flock here on foot and on horseback.