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Jaen City - Gastronomy

A Taste of Andalucia a la Jienense

Jienense, as the locals are known, have a cuisine all their own – at least from their point of view. To the outsider, the menus of the day in Jaen will probably look very similar to those of any other town or village in Andalucia. To the insider, however – whether from Jaen or the rest of Andalucia – many dishes do offer a unique touch.


Being an inland province, Jaen is better known for game and fish from local rivers – trout being a local favourite – than for the seafood you’ll find served just two hours away on the coast. You should, therefore, make a point of sampling the quail, deer or, of course, the trout. There is one local speciality, however, that does come from the sea and that is “Bacalao a la yema”, or cod a la egg yolk (most certainly tastier than it sounds).

There is a fresh salad that is particularly tempting. If you can say “pipirrana”, then you can order yourself this wonderful plate of fresh chopped tomatoes served with a very special dressing made of local olive oil, green pepper, garlic and salt all pureed together. Very tasty, let me assure you.

Don’t expect anything particularly imaginative in the dessert department – unless you’re dining on non-traditional fare at one of the more imaginative, contemporary restaurants. However, if you’re looking for an interesting beverage to either try or take home as a gift for friends, then look into a bottle of locally produced anis or resol liqueurs.

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