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Malaga City - Cathedral Rooftop visit

Malaga cathedral Rooftop Visit

by Chris Chaplow

In 2015 the Cathedral started guided tours to the cathedral rooftop or the domes as they are also called.

The tour begins, where you buy the tickets, at the Palacio Episcopal (Bishops Palace) just round the corner from the cathedral in Plaza del Arbispo.

The guide leads the party up one of the XVIII century tower staircase (where the bell ringer  lived until thirty years ago)  and onto a terrace before continuing up the XVI tower to the main roof.  In the two stages you will climb 50m in 200 steps.

The guide details the history of the cathedral in both English and Spanish and points out a number of interesting features.  The cathedral has an interesting history in terms of construction and the 16th century and 18th century construction joins can clearly be seen.

It is well known that the cathedral is missing a south tower, and locally known as one armed lady visitors on the tour have to opportunity to see all the other detailed elements that are also missing.

As one would expect the views are magnificent and you are higher that any of the surrounding hotel roof terraces.

From the hand railed walkways on the roof one can see the tops of the domes that protect the roof. The new looking brick domes were actually built in 2010 and protect the original ones underneath.

The tour follows the hand railed walkway right round the cathedral roof and affords views in all directions. It last nearly an hour and is well worth the climbs. A security guard accompanies the guide, just in case.


Simplified Visit departure times are:
Monday to Friday: 11.00, 12.00, 13.00 14.00. 16.00, 17.00, 18.00.
Saturday: 11.00, 12.00, 13.00 14.00. 16.00, 17.00, 18.00.
Sunday: 16.00, 17.00, 18.00
(plus later night tours in Summer)


Adult 6 euro
Reduced 3  or 4 euro (Reduced is Malaga Dioces (province) residents, Students, retired, disabled, Un)

Free Monday to Thursday 09.00



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