El Aljarafe

El Aljarafe

Villanueva del Ariscal was an agricultural town previously known as Villanueva Aliscar. It has about 6,400 inhabitants.

Valencina del Concepción is home to the well known Dolmens of Valencina. It has about 7,900 inhabitants.

Tomares is an agricultural suburban town of Seville, inhabited by many who look to live outside the city but close enough to commute to the centre for work. It has about 24, 800 inhabitants.

Santiponce is home to the Roman ruins of Itálica, which are probably the best-known features of the area. The town is also part of two important routes: the Ruta de la Plata and the Ruta Bética Romana. It has about 8,400 inhabitants.

Sanlúcar La Mayor is close to the Corredor Verde del Guadiamar, a natural passageway following the middle stretch of the River Guadiamar. It has about 13, 500 inhabitants.

San Juan del Aznalfarache is most well known for being the location where the headquarters of RTVA (Radio and Television of Andalusia), also known as Canal Sur, was established. It has about 21, 500 inhabitants.

Salteras was once inhabited during the prehistoric ages and also through Roman and Moorish civilizations, only being converted into a town after the Christian conquest. It has about 5,500 inhabitants.

Pilas had a fast growing pottery trade that came about after the Romans settled in the area. It has about 14, 000m inhabitants.

Palomares del Río originally began as an agricultural village eventually turning into a thriving residential town due to its proximity to the capital. It has about 8,300 inhabitants.

Olivares is a Roman town with great history that can be discovered by walking the streets observing its various historical buildings and sites. It has about 9,400 inhabitants.