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Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park - Fauna

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Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park - Fauna

The park is most noteworthy for its exceptionally rich birdlife, particularly raptors. One of Europe's largest colonies of griffon vultures is in the Garganta Verde, in the Sierra del Pinar, and along the Bocaleones river near Zahara, while soaring over the Sierra's rockiest peaks are other birds of prey, such as booted eagles, golden eagles, Egyptian vultures and Bonelli's eagles. There are bird species commonly found in rocky areas like rock buntings, red-billed choughs, rock thrushes and black wheateaters.

The park has a sizeable bat population that inhabits the region's numerous caves; hibernating in the Hundidero-Gato caves in winter are thousands of Schreiber's bats.

Mammals in the park are Egyptian mongeese, badgers, foxes, genets, roe deer and, on the higher ground, Spanish ibex. The rivers are home to otters and water voles.