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El Tornillo del Torcal Natural Monument

El Tornillo del Torcal Natural Monument

Within the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area is this protected geological feature, the Tornillo del Torcal. Its name - the Screw of Torcal - comes from its distinctive appearance, as its limestone layers have been eroded making them look like the threads twisting around a screw. It is used as a symbol for the Torcal Natural Area. Within this area are other limestone features that resemble everyday objects, like the so-called sombrerillo (small sun hat), ataúd (coffin) and the dado (dice).

From Malaga, head north on the N331. Immediately past Villanueva de Cauche, at the Puerto de las Pedrizas, turn left towards Villanueva de la Concepción and then right towards Antequera. The Torcal de Antequera is to the northwest of this road.


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