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Consumer Association

Consumer Association

Spain has a widely respected consumer's association called FACUA. 

FACUA-Consumers in Action is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Since its foundation in 1981, it has been dedicated to the defence of consumer rights. FACUA can be considered a progressive, democratic, plural and participatory organization, independent from government, political parties, religious ideologies and business interests.

The organization advocates the importance of improvements in market quality, labelling control and regulation, and truthful advertising of products and services.

They are also challenging the current consumer society model, which is based on hoarding and flaunting products in an irrational and wasteful manner, exploiting less-developed countries and wasting the planet's natural resources.

There is a network of regional delegations and associations and the support provided by several thousand members and volunteers.

Website is facua.org and in English at : english.facua.org


Bécquer, 25B - 41002 Seville (Spain)


(+34) 954 90 90 90

[email protected]

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