Famous Flamenco Musicians - La Cañeta

La Cañeta

Teresa Sanchez Campos, La Cañeta de Málaga, was born in El Perchel in 1943, and she is a singer who still performs the styles of her mother, La Pirula.

La Pirula, who was also born in the malagueña district of El Perchel in 1915, was an artiste who was responsible for the creation of the Tangos de Málaga, which at one time were also known as the Tangos del Perchel. She was an exceptional singer of the bulerias, soleares and the fandangos, but she died at the height of her career in 1948.

La Cañeta is the most dynamic Fiestera and her bulerias are lively and exciting, her live performances have a warm ambience and she immediately connects with her audience. Her style is fast and visual, and together with her husband she produces fast snapping rhythms that cut right through to the core.        

She is a singer and dancer who started her career in Madrid in 1960, and who travelled the world with the dancer Antonio Gades.
She also formed part of the flamenco group, Los Vargas, along with artists such as La Repompa, El Carrete and Miguel de los Reyes, and has spent many years on the tablao circuit in Madrid.
During the late seventies, La Cañeta opened two tablaos in Marbella, the fist was called “Los Corrales”, which was in Puerta Banus, although it was known as La Cañeta’s. The clientele was a mixture of film directors, actors and politicians, and Don Juan, the father of the King of Spain, was also a regular visitor.
The second was on the outskirts of Marbella and attracted many top names from the world of flamenco including Lola Flores, Camarón de la Isla and Paco de Lucía.

La Cañeta is one of the most radiant stars that Málaga has had in recent times and she can still be seen performing at the major festivals and events in Andalucía.
La Cañeta is continuing the flamenco tradition of Málaga and to watch her perform her very personal, even humorous, style of flamenco, makes you realize that Málaga still has some very worth while artistes.
She always performs with her husband José Salazar and the cracking whiplash style of palmas they produce gives the feel of a flamenco that these older generation of singers seem to hold on very dearly to.
First seated, then standing, she resembles a chameleon as she scuttles about the stage, the long tail of her bata de cola trailing behind, her voice, although now a little worn, is full of a fierce and burning passion.
She is connected to the same family as La Repompa, El Tiriri and Antonio Soto, her regular guitarist. She has appeared at both of the flamenco bienals in Málaga as well as most of the festival stages around Andalucía.
She also participated in the TVE series Puro Y Jondo, where she performed her very personal malagueña style of flamenco.
In the year 2000 she was awarded the Cantaora del Año (flamenco singer of the year), by the restaurant El Chinitas during the August feria. She now resides with her husband in Marbella.

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