Flamenco - Peña flamenca

Most towns will have at least one peña flamenca. © Michelle Chaplow
Most towns will have at least one peña flamenca.

The flamenco peñas give a more traditional insight to flamenco, and they are normally run by aficionados of the art whose main aim is the flamenco, and not how much money they can obtain from the customers who use them.



Most towns will have at least one peña flamenca, and the major cities will have anything between ten and thirty of these clubs. They are a lot more traditional in the style of flamenco that they present which will on most occasions be cante jondo where you will witness the most orthodox tones of cante, accompanied by the purest flamenco guitar.

These clubs will normally stage the concurso de cante, which is the competition that precedes the towns flamenco festival, and the winner of the local competition will go on to perform in the festival along side the more established artistes.

It is not only the style and quality of flamenco that stands out from the tablaos’, but also the price you will pay for your night at one of these establishments.

There is very rarely an entrance fee, and the price of the drinks will be the same as a local bar, around one euro and fifty cents for a bottle of local lager.

These are the places to witness the more authentic flamenco and they can also be found listed in the section of tablaos and peñas.

Another option would be to check out some of the local bars and taverns in the town where you are staying, because you will find certain old bodegas or pubs that may promote flamenco once a week or so. For example, in Málaga there is the excellent Bodega El Pimpi, which hosts flamenco on the last Monday of every month, and here you will see some of the finest flamenco artistes performing the very best flamenco, and again there is no entrance fee, and the surroundings of an old bodega are the perfect setting to witness this art.

Unfortunately you will have to search through the local press to find out about these places, or better still, take a wander around some of the old back streets and sample some of these ancient establishments, and you may well stumble on one of these old treasures.

Larger Peñas de Flamenca.


Peña Pastora Pavón, La Niña de los Peines
Pacho S/n CP416000. Tel 955 84 03 30.


Peña Flamenca Chano Lobato. Avda Marconi 2. CP 11009
Tel 956 26 14 15.

Peña Flamenca Gaditana
Enrique el Mellizo. Paseo de San Felipe S/n CP 11004
Tel 956 22 19 85

Dos Hermanas

Peña Cultural Flamenca Juan Talega
Carlos 1 de España 39 CP 41700. Tel 954 72 22 19


Federación Provincial de Peñas Flamencas Granadinas
La solana 23. CP 18198. Tel 958 50 21 86.

Peña Flamenca La Platería
Placeta de Toqueros 7 CP18010. Tel 958 22 77 12.

Jerez de la Frontera

Centro Cultural Flamenco
Don Antonio Chacón. Salas 2. CP 11403. Tel 956 34 74 72.

Asociación Cultural Flamenca
Fernando Terromoto.Terromoto de Jerez S/n. Tel 956 34 49 01.


Peña Flamenca Pepe Montaraz. Callejón de los
Frailes 6 CP41740. Tel 955 97 12 72.

Mairena del Alcor .

Casa del Arte Flamenco
Antonio Mairena. Plza A. Mairena. 14
CP41510. Tel 955 94 27 94.


Peña Flamenca Fosforito. Arenisca 12, CP 29006, Santa Cristina
Tel 952 35 11 15.

Peña Flamenca Juan Breva. C/ Ramón Franquelo 4
Tel 952 21 08 76.

Peña Flamenca El Piyayo. Urb. Las Padrizas 2. CP 29730
Rincón de la Victoria. Tel 952 40 48 29

Peña Flamenca, Los Amigos del Arte,
Recinto Ferial, CP 29620

Morón de la Frontera

Peña Flamenca Montegil. Arahal 40 CP 41530. Tel 954 85 08 21


Federación Provincial de Sevilla D Entidades Flamencas
Dante 1. Aula 26 CP41006. Tel 954 64 19 76.

*There are in excess of 50 peña flamencas in the province of Seville, so we have only included this federation who will give you details of the many peñas in this area. *


Peña Curro de Utrera. Porche de Santa María 5 CP 41710
Tel 954 86 20 37.