Flamenco - Rumba


The rumba originated in Cuba and is a popular Latin American dance floor style, which has sexy and suggestive hip and body movements.

In their original Cuban form they had difficult and complicated rhythms, but by the time they reached Europe, a more simple style had developed. In the 1950s it was adopted by the gypsies, becoming the rumba gitana, which retained all the sensuality and charm of the gypsies. Later, in the 1970s Paco de Lucía and Cameron de la Isla transformed this style, which created an opening for hoards of flamenco fusion groups, such as the Gypsy Kings, who based there fusion on the rumba.

The first flamenco artist to record the rumba was La Niña de los Peines, and one of the best performers of the rumba was the singer / guitarist Manzanita, although today it is the jerezano singer Capullo de Jerez who excels with his extremely exciting styles of rumbas.