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Marenostrum Fuengirola

Mare Nostrom Fuengirola 2022
Mare Nostrom Fuengirola 2022

Marenostrum Fuengirola

Marenostrum Fuengirola - 20th May to 19th August 2023
Robbie Williams headlines the 2023 edition (15th June 2022) of Marenostrum Fuengirola which is one of the larger series of outdoor concerts events on the Costa del Sol. Organised by Fuengirola Town Hall, it presents an extensive cycle of concerts that includes classical, rock, flamenco, rap, indie and pop music. The 2022 edition offered more than 40 concerts over the summer. The first was on 30th April was Fito and Fitopaldis and the last was Aitana on 16th  September 2022. Concerts are either held inside the precinct of the Castle of Sohail or on the large stage in the gardens just outside the castle.

Marenostrum , which first saw the light in 2016, usually attracts international stars, but due to the pandemic was cancelled in 2020 and the 2021 edition featured only national artists including Monica Naranjo, Miguel Poveda, Ara Malikian, Hombres G, Alejandro Sanz, Vicente Amigo and Niña Pastori. Over the years international artists Sting, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, Ricky Martín and Jennifer Lopez have all performed at Marenostrom.

The four-month festival is more of a series of summer concerts than a 'festival' in the true sense of the word. It also incorporates several cultural festivals, such as the Sohail Jazz, the Festival of Cabaret, the Luna Sur Festival and Anfitrión.  The venue offers accessibility for people with mobility restrictions.

Mare Nostrom Fuengirola 2022 - Grandstand Venue

2022 Artists line up:

20th August
Artists Date
Fito & Firipaldis 30th April 2022
Fulanita Fest 28th May 2022
Fuengirola Comic Con 4th June 2022
Simply Red 5th June 2022
RAUW Alejandro 10th June 2022
Marc Anthony 25th June
Alejandro Saenz 1st and 2 July 2022
Melinde 9th July 2022
Rosalía 14th July 2022
Metal Paradise Cancelled
Luna Sur 6th August 2022
Boombastic Day 14th August
Ultra Beach Costa del Sol 14th August
Boombastic Day 20th August 2022
Aitana 16th September 2022

Mare Nostrom Fuengirola 2022 - Castle precinct Venue

2022 Artists line up:

Artists Date
Pasión Vega 4th June 2022
Sohail Jazz 17th June 2022
Sohail Jazz 18th June 2022
Comandante Clara & CIA 24th June 2022
Els Joglars, Anfitrión* 6th July 2022
La Zaranda Anfitrión* 7th July 2022
Ballet Flamenco, Anfitrión* 12th July 2022
Ballet Flamenco, Anfitrión* 13th July 2022
Sohail Flamenco 22nd July 2022
Niña Pastori 27th July 2022
Medina Azahara 28th July 2022
Texas 29th July 2022
Coco y Pepe 30th July 2022
Locos Fuengirola 5th August 2022
Truca Circus, Anfitrión* 17th August 2022
Carmelo Gómez, Anfitrión* 18th August 2022
Manu Tenorio, Anfitrión* 24th August 2022
Isabel Vázquez, Anfitrión* 25th August 2022
Juan Amodeo 26th August 2022

*Anfitrión is the name of a series of more than 60 theatre, dance, circus, and music performances taking place in different heritage sites in all the eight Andalusian provinces in the Summer of 2022. Sohail Castle in Fuengirola will host some and so will the Roman ruins of Italica (near Seville), the Roman Theatre of Baelo Claudia (Bolonia near Tarifa Costa de la Luz), the Alcazaba in Almería, the Plaza del Sexi in Almuñécar (Costa Tropical), La Fortaleza de la Mota in Alcalá la Real (Jaén) and in the autumn, the Cocheras del Puerto in Huelva and the Teatro Cómico in Córdoba.


Castle of Sohail, Calle Tartesios s/n, Fuengirola.


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