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Plaza Teresa Zabell, Fuengirola

"Mediterranea" statue by Luis Reyes in Plaza Teresa Zabell, Fuengirola  © Michelle Chaplow
"Mediterranea" statue by Luis Reyes in Plaza Teresa Zabell, Fuengirola

Plaza Teresa Zabell in Fuengirola

Plaza Teresa Zabell is an open space on the Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola.

Theresa was born in May 1965 in Ipswich, England. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to the Canary Islands and shortly thereafter to Pedregalejo, Malaga. Theresa attended San Francisco de Asis School in Fuengirola and from an early age showed a great aptitude for sports. Whenever possible she would spend time at the Club Nautico in Torreblanca.

In 1975, aged just 10, Theresa Zabell took her first sailing course in Fuengirola. It wasn't easy, there were strong winds and she had a hard time managing the boat. She almost gave up, but fortunately her deep-rooted love for the sea drove her to continue. Read a full bio on Teresa Zabell.

Located in the the Plaza Teresa Zabell is a bronze statue titled "Mediterranea" by Luis Reyes. It depicts a half-naked woman with her arms slightly ajar and gazing at the sky, standing on a surfboard riding the waves. The work was created in 2003 and shows the strength of the Mediterranean sea.