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Gazpacho de Cerezas

Gazpacho de Cerezas (Cherry Gazpacho)© Michelle Chaplow
Gazpacho de Cerezas (Cherry Gazpacho) © Michelle Chaplow

Gazpacho de Cerezas (Cherry Gazpacho)

Ingredients - Serves 5

1,4 KG of ripe tomatoes

10g of green pepper

10g of chopped onion

2 garlic cloves, split in half and seedless

20g of hard bread (left over for 2 days)

20g of fine salt

95g of Olive oil

615g of juicy Cherries (pitted)



Begin by washing the vegetables well with cold water, then chop and mix with the rest of the ingredients in a saucepan. Blend all the ingredients together and pass them through a colander. Chill in the fridge until very cold.

When you take it out of the fridge, the result will be one of the most delicious culinary dishes you can enjoy during the Andalusian summertime.

If you haven´t had enough time for the gazpacho to cool down (or if you are too hungry!) add a few ice cubes and wait a short while. Then, stir with a spoon and it is ready to drink.

For next time, it´s much better to freeze part of the soup into ice cubes and use these instead, so that the soup doesn´t become diluted with water.



Pour into a container and garnish with thinly sliced pieces of onion, cubed honeydew melon and sliced red pepper.


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