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Getting to and from Gibraltar Airport

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If arriving at Gibraltar Airport by car from Andalucia, first be aware of the traffic queue to enter Gibraltar, which you join somewhere along the Avenida Principe de Asturias, on the western seafront of La Linea. If you leave the A7 coast motorway at km118 by San Roque, you just follow the road into La Linea until you reach this point. Allow up to one hour for this queue in the mornings. Be prepared to, leave the queue, park the car and walk across the border if necessary. There is no special provision for airport passengers.

Once across the border by car, be aware there is no left turn to enter the airport. You have cross the runway, at Sundial Roundabout go all the way round, and just before you're back at the border, keep right for the new terminal. There is limited parking at terminal on a pay-and-display basis costing 1 pound for max two hours.


Taxis to destinations in Spain are located just on the Spanish side of the border. You will need to walk with you luggage as there is no porter service and airport trollys may not be removed from the airport.
Taxis to destinations in Gibraltar are located right outside the airport terminal, if there are none around, walk the short distance to those at the border crossing.

There is a regular bus service to the town centre from the stop at the border, a few minutes' walk from the terminal.  If you are travelling to destinations along the Costa de Sol or in the Campo de Gibraltar, cross the border on foot and walk the few hundred metres to the La Linea Bus Station.

Hire Car

Most of the cars hired at Gibraltar airport are for tourists travelling in Spain.  For that reason the cars will be Spanish number plated and most will be collected just over the border in La Linea.  Some hire car companies with facilities on both sides of the border. That is to say they have a desk at Gibraltar airport where you can register and complete the contract, and they have an office in La Linea where you collect the car.  In general you will only collect high end luxury vehicles at Gibraltar airport itself. Other car hire companies will only have an office in La Linea. It does not really matter which you choose, but read the car hire website and contract carefully so you can identify the difference. More>