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Gibraltar Airport - Car Hire

New airport terminal and the Rock of Gibraltar. © Michelle Chaplow
New airport terminal and the Rock of Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar Airport Car hire

Most of the cars hired at Gibraltar airport are for tourists travelling in Spain.  For that reason the cars will be Spanish number plated and most will be collected just over the border in La Linea.  Some hire car companies with facilities on both sides of the border. That is to say they have a desk at Gibraltar airport where you can register and complete the contract, and they have an office in La Linea where you collect the car.  In general you will only collect high end luxury vehicles at Gibraltar airport itself. Other car hire companies will only have an office in La Linea. It does not really matter which you choose, but read the car hire website and contract carefully so you can identify the difference. 

Be aware that if you have  a lot of luggage the walk over the border in the heat can be tiresome. You are not allowed to take the airport trolley away from the airport. Very occasionally there is a porter service.   

For those returning a hire car from Spain, convenient petrol station are located about 1km from the airport on either of the two roads that connect La Linea with the A-7 coast road. There are also two petrol stations in Gibraltar, located the other side of the runway from the airport.

If you are staying in Gibraltar and would like a Gibraltar number plated car to be collected at Gibraltar airport, ask the car hire company first before making an online reservation.    

Hiring a car is best way to tour Andalucia. Travel with ease, stop where you want and enjoy the beautiful views!. We have a page about every village including things to see. Consult our general Car Hire page for car hire tips and advice on rental groups, insurance excess, young drivers, DVLA code, fuel policy and security, plus links to a range of car hire companies. Check out our specific car hire pages in each of our airport and main train station pages. Malaga Airport Car hire, Gibraltar Airport Car Hire.

Map of La Linea and Gibraltar