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Golf Etiquette for Costa Visitors

One of the major criticisms of golfing holidays on the Costa del Sol over the past couple of seasons has been that of five or six hour rounds. The guilty parties are often unaware of the tailbacks they are causing by not being aware of simple golf etiquette. Even experienced Golf Club Committee members, capable of reciting the etiquette of golf backwards, have been known to suffer from 'holidaygolfitis', an affliction causing loss of memory, which may lead to serious cases of slow play.

Whilst it is unfair to expect to complete rounds as quickly as one would do over your home course - many visitors are playing courses for the first time and the courses themselves are generally hillier - much can still be done to speed play up.

Follow the simple guidelines outlined below to improve your enjoyment of the game - and everyone else's - without feeling rushed.

  1. When it is your turn to play a shot, be ready.

  2. Pick up your ball when you can no longer score.

  3. Wait until the next tee to mark your cards, don't mark them on the green of the hole you have just finished.

  4. If your ball is lost off the fairway call the following group through while you look for it.

  5. Remember, you should always be just behind the game in front, not just in front of the game behind.

  6. Park your buggy, or leave your bag, on the side of the green closest to the path for the next tee.

  7. Tap in the 'gimmees' instead of marking the ball on short putts.

Keep to these guidelines and you will save up to three minutes on each hole - one hour over the round. You will also have more time for recounting your best shots, telling jokes etc. at the 19th hole. More importantly, you will allow those behind you to enjoy their rounds, after all, they're on holiday as well.