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Wifi in Andalucia, pronounced
Computers in Andalucia"

Computers in Andalucia

The foreign residents to Andalucia and the concept of working form home has helped create a large demand for a variety of high tech services. The technology now makes it possible to keep in touch with friends and family and run a small business in any location from the comfort of sunny, southern Spain. Computers and networks with the help of Broadband connections make this possible today.

Computer Support

To meet the demands created of computer support companies, are available in this region - especially along the coastal areas. Some have been around a relatively long time while others have set up recently with new ideas.

Smaller companies advertise in local english language press classified sections. They tend to be less expensive as they  don't carry such large overheads. Larger companies can provide better back up and are able to obtain hardware at less expensive prices.

Many companies also specialize in networks that either connect computers in one office together or connect different offices together. The latter is a common scenario in this region because there are many businesses that have grown to the point where they have two or more offices giving a need to connect the offices together to share data.

The normal solution to this nowadays is not to have a leased telephone line between the two offices but instead to equip each office with an ADSL connection (DSL) and connect it with specialist systems called VPN - Virtual Private Networks. Some telephone companies offer VPN over their network rather than the public Internet.

Broadband or 'Fibre Optica' is available in most city and town locations. ADSL is also available  as long as the distance to the telephone exchange doesn't exceed about five kilometers.

Living in Andalucia