Horizonte Proyecto Hombre Galas

Horizonte Proyecto Hombre Galas

Horizonte Proyecto Hombre is a Marbella-based charity that helps those who are dependent on drugs through rehabilitation and action towards the prevention of drug dependency.

The Anniversary Gala Dinner is held every year on a Friday night in April, around the third of the month. The event is held at the Fuerte Hotel in Marbella and is attended by around 250 people each year, many of them older and more traditional Spanish residents.

This is a regular event on the Marbella social calender. The event was cancelled in 2020, in 2021 a inovate aproach was a Zoom dinner for 300 (all tickets sold out). Danni Garcia lead with instructions how to prepare a pre-collected ingredient pack for gazpacho with prawns from Sanlúcar, tartare of dried and fresh tomatoes, yogurt with foie gras with Port and Parmesan, oxtail ravioli with puree and dessert.

The event starts at 20.30 with a cocktail reception during which guests can watch the sunset from the terrace or enjoy the entertainment inside (in 2013 this was flamenco dancers). At 21.30, guests sit down to a truly Spanish dinner in one of the large dining rooms downstairs in the hotel.

Throughout the evening various members of the charity, including Isabel-María García Bardón, its passionate president, present their annual accounts of the work of Horizonte and many thanks and presentations are given to the key workers of the charity.

The guests pay around 90€ for a ticket with all proceeds going towards the charity's funds as the cost of the gala is met by Fuerte Hotels who sponsor the event. Raffle tickets are also sold before and throughout the dinner with the opportunity to win one of the many donated prizes at the end of the evening. After the meal and speeches, there is the opportunity to dance with a DJ playing traditional Spanish hits.

Although the gala is not as glamorous as many of the others that take place in Marbella, it gives a taste of the real Spain and a chance to see the work that Horizonte does.


Asociación Horizonte
c/ Galveston, 5
29601 Marbella (Málaga)

Tel:Therapy Programmes: 952 775 353
Secretary and Administration: 952 858 652



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