Marbella - Jardin El Angel

Jardin El Angel

El Angel botanical gardens are located in the old El Ángel Colonia district of Marbella where the original iron foundaries were located. (near today's Aloha College). It is a 15.000 m2 garden that dates back to the 1850's. The main feature is the maturity and antiquity of the different trees located there.

These include 300 year old fig trees and a large collection of 80 different species of palm trees (phoenix canadienses).

The garden has three styles: the Romantic style, the crossed garden style and the landscaped garden style.

Romantic garden which is in the style of the original garden. It still features the clay tiles, edging in straignt and sharp curved lines. .

Crossed garden was added in the late 1990s, above the El Angel church, with many orange trees and surrounded by cypress hedges, with symmetrical shapes that converge in the center to a square.

Tropical garden is a landscape style with winding paths of colored concrete, where three artificial lakes with waterfalls and around a collection of 80 different species of palm trees.

You can admire large specimens of Ficus microcarpa and Phoenix Canariensis, among other species.

A turbine unearthed from the original garden of the foundry has been set up as a monument.

The gardens are open and free to enter. they are lit at night in many parts.