Wildlife Parks

Wildlife Parks

In Andalucia we can find many different wildlife Parks. Most of them are Zoos such as Zoo Castellar NaturaParc, Fuengirola BioParc or Selwo Adventure Park, where you can enjoy a nice day and view a huge range of animals, birds and other species from around the world.

Some of these Parks are dedicated to certain species, such as Crocodile Park, which has 300 crocodiles; Butterfly Park, with over 1500 beautiful butterflies; and Jardin de las Aguilas, where you can watch owls, falcons, hawks, kites, vultures, eagles, etc. If you visit Lobo Park in Antequera, you will be able to see four different species of wolves, in semi-natural habitat, including the Iberian Wolf.

Doñana is one of Europe´s most important wetland reserves and a major site for migrating birds. All animals and birds in Doñana are native to the area and live freely.


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